New online resource available as of today through ASCSA network

Trismegistos, “an interdisciplinary portal of the ancient world” was created in 2005 in order to provide information on published papyrological documents from Graeco-Roman Egypt.

However, as the publisher states “since Egyptology does not know a disciplinary boundary between papyri and inscriptions, TM also decided to expand by adding all epigraphic material as well. Papyrology on the other hand includes also writing tablets from outside Egypt, which led us to widen our geographical scope to the entire ancient world.”

Τhe core component is Trismegistos Texts and is currently counting 943557 entries, but several aspects of the Texts database have been elaborated in the course of successive projects and have become separate databases linked with the core Trismegistos Texts database.

In particular:

The Collections database

The Archives database

The People database

The Places database

We hope you enjoy navigating the portal and we welcome any feedback.

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