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Around 170 new books were processed in May with the current volumes of the Mnemosyne supplements series (published by Brill) to single out. In particular, four more volumes of the series were added this month in the collection. Reinventing the Amphiareion at Oropos“, by Alexandra Wilding is one of them.

At the same time, Jon Mikalson’s 3rd edition of “Ancient Greek religion”, originally published in 2004 is now on shelf. “The revised third edition features new contributions by Andrej and Ivana Petrovic. It has two new chapters: one highlighting Roman, Christian, and modern scholars’ approaches to Greek religion and one identifying the types of sources used to understand and reconstruct ancient Greek religion. This edition also expands discussion of magic and personal practices and includes an updated and expanded bibliography for each chapter.”

Also, the 12th volume of “Thorikos: reports and studies” edited by Roald F. Docter & Maud Webster is now published. According to the publisher, this volume contains eleven contributions, authored or co-authored by more than 30 scholars currently involved in the multi-disciplinary archaeological project under way at Thorikos in Attica, Greece.

Last but not least, the latest volume of Attic inscriptions in the UK collections: British Museum is out. The 4:6 volume by Robert K. Pitt discusses “Funerary monuments”. According to its Preface “…presents the eighty inscribed Athenian funerary monuments of the British Museum, along with three further inscriptions which have at times been thought Athenian, but which are probably not….” The publication is also available in an electronic format.

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