Research at the Blegen Library - Tips

1) Select Check-out2) Use Library card3) Scan items


Books that can not be checked out to carrels / tables:

  • New Books / New Periodicals (from the Reference Area)
  • Oversized Books
  • Books from the Reserve Shelf (in the Main Reading Room)

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  • If a book is checked out, use the “On loan” application to locate it.

Click on "Books on Loan"

  1. Choose Call number or Title
  2. Enter the data and click on Search
  3. Get the location (no. of carrel/table)

The Loan Report is not live, but gets updated several times during the day.

  • Please fill out the Check-out card provided in every library floor.

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If you wish to return books from your table on the carts.

Please put them vertically (as if they were on the shelf) so that it is easier for you to find them on the cart if needed.

If you wish to check references, quickly consult or scan books and not keep them on your table…Please return the book(s) on the shelf and don’t leave them on the cart.

The Blegen Staff might not be able to reshelve books immediately, especially during the weekends and holidays.

If you wish to keep some or all of your books more than a month..

  • Remember to renew them through the KIOSK (you will only need your library card!)

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  • Use the AMBROSIA Feedback Form
  • Write to
  • Fill one of the paper slips in the green boxes near the public terminals on the ground floor of the library